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Chromadent Demlos Electrically Operated Dental Chair

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Chromadent Demlos Electrically Operated Dental Chair


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HSN: 90189099

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1 x Dental Chair

Description: The Chromadent Demlos Electrically Operated Dental Chair is an advanced dental equipment solution designed to provide a seamless blend of functionality, comfort, and efficiency in dental practices. With its electrically operated features and ergonomic design, the Demlos chair offers an optimal treatment experience for both dental practitioners and patients.

Key Features:

  1. Electrically Operated Precision: The Demlos Dental Chair is equipped with electrically operated features, allowing for precise and effortless adjustments. This advanced functionality enables dental practitioners to position patients accurately, enhancing the overall precision of various dental procedures.

  2. Ergonomic Design for Patient Comfort: Crafted with a focus on patient comfort, the dental chair features an ergonomic design. The chair's contours, supportive cushioning, and customizable positions contribute to a comfortable experience for patients, reducing anxiety during treatments.

  3. Integrated Controls for Streamlined Workflow: The Demlos Dental Chair integrates controls seamlessly, placing them within easy reach for dental practitioners. This integration streamlines the workflow in the dental operatory, allowing for efficient access to essential instruments and controls during treatments.


  1. Effortless Adjustments for Precise Positioning: The electrically operated features of the Demlos Dental Chair enable effortless adjustments, facilitating precise positioning of patients. This contributes to the overall accuracy and efficiency of dental procedures.

  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort with Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design prioritizes patient comfort, ensuring a positive treatment experience. Patients can relax in a supportive and comfortable chair, promoting a sense of ease and reducing stress associated with dental visits.

  3. Streamlined Workflow with Integrated Controls: The seamless integration of controls directly into the dental chair supports a streamlined workflow. Dental practitioners can access essential tools conveniently, optimizing their ability to deliver efficient and high-quality dental care.

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Country of OriginIndia

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