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PROCENT Central Venous Catheter Set1061 - Single Lumen | 1062 - Double Lumen | 1063 - Triple Lumen

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• For administration of hyperosmolar solutions, measuring CVP, haemodialysis, plasmapheresis, rapid infusion of fluid etc.
• Specially formulated, soft, kink resistant and extremely biocompatible polyurethanematerial provides strength during insertion
• Polyurethane softens at body temperature within minutes of insertion in the body to conform to the body tissues and thus reduces the risk of vascular trauma
• Specially designed soft & beveled tip for smooth & easy insertion of catheter
• Soft flexible J-Tip guide wire prevents the vessel perforation and also provides good torqueto ensure firm insertion
• Radio-opaque catheter with clear and definite marking for correct placement of catheter tip
• Individually blister tray packed
Lumens (1062 and 1063)
• Separate non-communicating vascular access lumens within a single catheter body reduces the necessity of utilizing multiple venipuncture
• Exit ports of individual lumens are separated by appropriate distance in proportion to the catheter's french size
• Coaxial catheter design maximizes inner diameter of central lumen for high flow rates
• Proximal lumen for blood sampling, medications and blood administration
• Distal lumen for CVP monitoring, blood administration and medication
• Medial lumen exclusively for total parenteral nutrition (Triple Lumen CVC)
• Soft tip Polyurethane catheter
• “J” tip Guide Wire with dispenser
• “Y” shaped Introducer Needle
• Tissue dilator
• Suture wing and clamp fastener
• Scalpel
• Extension Line clamp
• Syringe 5ml
• Injection site
• Hypodermic needle (20G x 25mm)
• Needle sponge

• Central Venous Catheter
• Introducer Needle
• J-Tip Guide Wire
• Vessel Dilator
• Syringe (Luer Lock)
• Scalpel
• Catheter Holder
• Catheter Holder Clamp
• Extension Line Clamp
• Injection Cap

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• PROCENT Central Venous Catheter Set1061 - Single Lumen | 1062 - Double Lumen | 1063 - Triple Lumen

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