NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator - size : Large

Product Type : simple
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NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator - size : Large is available to buy in increments of 1

Soft and stretchable waist band prevents itching and pain caused by rubbing against the incisions
Breathable material offers protection from fungal infections
Aeration reduces odour and helps to maintain better health and hygiene

Product Type : simple
NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator - size : Large
NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator - size : Large

NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator is specially designed to hold the pads gently and discreetly.
The stretchable fabric is comfortable to wear after a Cesarean section, as it can be worn either below or above the scar.
The distinctive material allows practical easy care as it washes well and dry quickly.
After delivery a woman will feel uncomfortable and pain on wearing normal panties which will apply pressure on the stitches
Lack of air circulation may result in slow healing of wounds
NewMom Pad fixator offers a comfortable and hygienic way of holding pads
Ideal for Post delivery (Episiotomy & C-Section), Regular periods,Incontinence problems

Product Type : simple
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SellerDynamic Techno Medicals
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