MiraCradle - Neonate Cooler

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Features: • Safe: Passive cooling system; does not have any electrical supply near the baby • Efficient: Gives precise temperature control • Easy To Use: Minimal manual supervision required. PCMs can be charged in a normal refrigerator • Economical: Less than 1/5th of the cost of the available electronic devices • Long Lasting: The PCMs are designed for repetitive use
MiraCradle - Neonate Cooler_00
MiraCradle - Neonate Cooler_00
Specifications: • MiraCradle - Neonate Cooler Insulated Cradle: • It is a rotomoulded plastics structure which serves as a framework for placing all the other components of MiraCradle® - Neonate Cooler and also provides insulation to the PCM helping it last for longer hours SavE° FS29: • This forms the bottom layer of the MiraCradle® - Neonate Cooler • Three units of savE® FS29 PCM are placed at the bottom of Cradle • savE® FS29 in solid state passively extracts heat from the neonate’s body which is at 37°C thereby inducing and sustaining hypothermia SavE’ FS21: • This is the middle layer of the device • savE” FS21 is used in conjunction with savE® FS29 to quickly bring the temperature of the neonate downto 33°C • It is subsequently removed and savE° FS29 takes over to sustain the temperature for longer hours Conduction Mattress: • The conduction mattress is a gel bed which provides a smooth surface for the baby to lie on and improves heat transfer between the baby and the PCM
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