medikastar Medika Star
Medika Bazaar Offers and Discounts Medika Star - Earn points on every purchase
What is MedikaStar?
  • Introducing India’s first medical purchases reward points program “MedikaStar".
  • MedikaStar is a unique loyalty program, applicable for doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical centers, diagnostic centers and medical professionals.
  • MedikaStar provides you with host of benefits, you can accumulate points on every purchase and redeem them too on your next purchase.
  • The minimum purchase required for MedikaStar is Rs.500 and there is no maximum limit.
  • Under the program, any hospital or clinic or medical center making a purchase transaction of minimum INR 500 in a single billing will be eligible to get 100 MedikaStar Reward Points.
  • Value of 100 MedikaStar Reward Points is equal to INR 10(appx 2% of the transaction value) which can be redeemed on purchases made through medikabazaar any time in the future.
  • From the date the points are credited the validity of MedikaStar Reward Points is 180 days.
10 MedikaStar = ₹ 1
Purchase Range Points Earned Points Balance
₹500 - ₹999 100 100
₹1000 - ₹1499 200 200
₹1500 - ₹1999 300 300
How You Will Get MedikaStar Points?
MedikaStar is the Reward Point Program for regular buyers on Medikabazaar platform. MedikaStar Reward Points are accumulated on every purchase of minimum Rs.500 (Rupees five hundred only). MedikaStar points are credited for the purchase of Rs 500 and multiples thereon and points are also rewarded on the first sign up. For a single purchase of Rs.500, 100 MedikaStar Reward Points are credited. 100 MedikaStar Reward Points is equivalent to Rs.10, which implies 10 MedikaStar Reward Points worth Rupee 1. For first sign up 2000 MedikaStar Reward Points are credited.
One can earn MedikaStar Reward points by simply signing up on Medikabazaar platform. MedikaStar reward points are also credited on a minimum purchase of Rs 500 and multiples thereon.
MedikaStar Reward Points automatically expire after 180 days from the date of credit.
Once you are logged in, click on MedikaStar link. You can check your balance under My Account → My Reward Point option.
MedikaStar Reward Points will be added to customer account on sign up and for purchase in the multiples of Rs.500 thereon.
MedikaStar Reward Points can be redeemed on every purchase from the time it is credited. The redemption of MedikaStar Reward Points cannot be clubbed with any promotional offer.
MedikaStar Reward Points cannot be redeemed completely in a single transaction, only 30% of the balance points can be redeemed in a single transaction.
No, MedikaStar Reward Points are non-transferable.