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Medigrip Adh Sticking 1 box

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• Medication: The pad is impregnated with Benzalkonium chloride solution IP equivalent to Benzalkonium chloride 0.5% w/w sometimes permitted food grade, nonstaining dye is added. The pad is laminated with perforated film to make it nonadherent
• Good Permeability: Perforations are provided to facilitate better breathing.
• Good Adhesion: Quick stick properties to provide instant adhesion and provides film adhesion to skin.
• Skin Tolerance: The adhesive recipe is suitably formulated to ensure minimum skin irritation. Those with zinc oxide based adhesive mass.
• Stability: Contents of active ingredients i.e. Benzalkonium chloride is retained well above the desired level throughout the shelf life. Performance of adhesive backing is also maintained well above the desired level through out the shelf life.

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