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Latex Surgical Gloves Pre-Powdered[1166]

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• Intended for conducting medical examination, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and for handling contaminated medical material
• Lightly powdered with bio-absorbable corn starch USP grade to prevent granulosa
• Also available powder free gloves to eliminate risks associated with glove powder with consistently low protein levels of 50 µg/gm or less
• Act as a reliable, protective barrier which prevents the transmission of organisms and blood-borne pathogens to its users
• High strength and elasticity of high grade natural rubber latex
• Ambidextrous-to fit either hands
• Micro rough texture to provide better grip
• Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit
• Easy donning and helps prevents rolling back
• Beaded cuff for secure fit
• Manufactured and packed under clean and hygienic dust free environment ensuring low Bio burden on the gloves
• Conforms to standards of ASTM D-3578, EN 455
• Sizes: Extra-small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large
Non-Sterile: 100 gloves packed in a dispenser box

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• Latex Surgical Gloves Pre-Powdered[1166]


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