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Kyoling Breathing Exerciser Single Ball With Adjustable Cc.LNR A2

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Quick Overview

• Single-ball incentive Spirometer is a breathing/ lung exerciser which is a flo –oriented device,
• Provides an indirect indicator “ball” of the patient’s inspired volume. It be used to help Strengthen respiratory musculature and to help restore and maintain lung capacity by Encouraging a slow, deep breathing.
• Dual chamber design creates a constant resistance that lifts a ball when patient maintains
• Inspiration equal to the flow inhaled per second.
• Specification: Flow rates can be adjusted as 200mL/sec, 400mL/sec, 600mL/sec, 800mL/sec,
• 1000mL/sec & 1200mL/sec from moving the top cap.
• Material: As for Chamber, PE for ball and mouthpiece, and EVA for tubing.
• It helps to develop, improve and maintain Respiratory fitness
• Helps patient to maintain normal respiration – pre & post surgery.

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