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Korrida Syringe Pump KM-110

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• Syring size : 10ml, 20ml, 30ml & 50/60ml
• Volume Limit : 0.1ml-999.9ml
• Rate : 10ml=0.1ml to 300ml/h, 20ml=0.1ml to 600ml/h, 30ml=0.1ml to 900ml/h & 50ml=0.1ml to 1500ml/h
• Battery Backup : 4 hrs.
• Weight : 2.2 kg
• Dimension : 280mm x 210mm x 130mm
• Diagnostic Spirometer
GMDN: 13217
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• Function: voice Promot and alarm will • sound when injection is almost done, injection is finished, preset dosage • is done, an injection blockage 3 Vein Infusion Modes: Easy Speed-Setting Mode, Time-Volume Mode, Dosage Weight Mode. • Function to remove bubbles in the tube fast. • Function to handle fast speed and large volume (bolus). • the system automatically opens up KVO after injection(reopens vein circulation) • The machine automatically records the settings for last injection. • It greatly reduces the work load for uses. • Function to Auto-Define a Syringe: complete calibration technology for • syringe brand definition that ensures the compatibility of any syringe • brand and injection accuracy. • Voice Promot and Voice Alarm occurs, syringe device is improperly • installed, a wrong speed is set


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