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Korrida DVT Pump KM-DVT9

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• Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC)
• is a safe and efficient medical treatment machine of lymph
• drainage and anti thrombus in pressure therapy.
• Pressure therapy is a high class lymphatic drainage and Spa natual
• health beauty machine in
• medical and beauty market.
• In beauty market, the compression mode has a soft massage from
• foot to heart, it is slimming treatment by drainage dissolved fat cells
• or bad deposit, to keep good body shape.
• In medical market, it has a
• sequential squeezing from the distal to proximal, thus it can
• improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic, prevent DVT and PE,
• therapy diabetic foot peripheral neuritis.

• Pump:
• Size: 26x17x13cm (LXWXH)

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• Korrida DVT Pump KM-DVT9

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