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Gotiz Handheld Spirometer SpirOx

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• Bright ,backlit LCD display (320 * 240 pixels ) for monitoring test performance and result
• Available with a turbine flowmeter or flowsafe disposable pneumotach to prevent cross contamination
• Include comprehensive PC software for data management and real time testing
• Heart rate and SpO2 monitoring options available
• Tests parameter available include: FCV,IVC,VC,MW,VT,FEV1,FEV6,FEV1/FEV6,FEV6/FVC,PEF,PIF,FEV1/FVC,FEF25-75 and many more
• Pre/Post testing with reversibility
• Test quality data, interpretation(according to ATS guidelines) and estimated lung age included
• USB connection to PC or external printer and RS232 connection tp PC
• Animated child incentive display
GMDN: 13680
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• Spirox-701 is a new portable handheld device for portable for portable spirometry screening, offering the convenience of hand-head device with the functionality and performance of desktop spirometer.
• The clear display shows the volume/time and flow/volume curves in real-time and results can be stored and recalled for later review and download to the PC using the PFT Suite software supplied.
• Spirox-701 includes comprehensive test capabilities, including FCV(Forced vital capacity), VC(relaxed vital capacity, MVV (maximum voluntary ventilation)and even bronchial challenge testing.
• Spirox-701 uses a turbine flow sensor, which doesn’t require regular calibration.
• Alternatively, Spirox-701+ uses disposable pneumotach sensor tubes which are calibration free and have no risk of cress-contamination.

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