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Gotiz Automated External Defibrillator CReview-AE

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• Superior AED design and rubber over- molds are build to withstand harsh environment.
• Real CPR help for rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR using ’s unique one-piece CPR-D-padz®.
• See-Thru CPR allow a rescuer to view a patient’s underlying ECG rhythm while performing CPR.
• Exceptionally resistant to dust and water jets(lp55 Rating)
• Only AED in the industry to withstand a 1.5-meter drop test, making it suitable to withstand the rough treatment typically found in an emergency medical environment.
• Available as semi-automatic only or semi-automatic with manual override for ALS professionals.
• Build-in internal memory and external USB memory technology allows expanded data storage capacity, and maximum flexibility for data management and transfer.
• Electrodes and battery compatibility with M Series® ,E series® and R series® professional defibrillators.
• ECG monitoring with 3-lead cable and high-quality display.
• Unrivaled battery options(long-life disposable or rechargeable)that meet your specific needs.
• Easy unit configuration through ‘s administration software.
• Intelligent pediatric capability.
• 2010 Guidelines-ready.
GMDN: 48046
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• Gotiz Automated External Defibrillator CReview-AE

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