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Gemi Nerve Simulator Pocket Model

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Quick Overview

Technical Specifications:
• Input Voltage : 230V, 50 Hz
• Output: 1 m sec, 10 m sec
• Weight : Approx. less than 1 Kg
• Dimensions : 160 x 80 x 50 mm

Standard Accessories :
• Mains cable
• One set of electrodes with cable
• A pair of Velcro straps
• Handle with cable with two needle electrodes

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Nerve simulator incorporates in a single unit the necessary electronic circuitry for allowing the user to selectively generate twitch pulses at a predetermined low frequency, tetanizing pulses at a relatively higher frequency. Controls are also provided in the unit for adjusting the amplitude of the pulses. The unit further includes suitable indicator means for informing the user as to the particular pulse frequency or pattern being emitted at any given time.

• Compact
• Light Weight
• Easy to Use

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