Medikabazaar e-Auction

Your medical technology deserves the best platform. Our online auction will provide you the stage your innovation merits!

What is E-Auction?

Do have a new cutting-edge healthcare technology or innovation?

Medikabazaar’s e-Auction will give your product/service a platform from where it can be obtained, scaled and deployed by Indian medical establishments in their operations.


You will notice "Sign In" on top right hand side of the Home Page. Click on "Registe" and fill in a simple form to register with us.


Medikabazaar is a pure-play Business to Business website and prices are visible to registered customers only. Login into your account to view prices of products.

Online ordering process on Medikabazaar.com is very simple. Just follow the steps below and complete your order placement.

  1. Sign In
  2. Search a product or navigate through the menu to locate a product and its details
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Edit quantity if required and click on "Update price quote"
  5. Click on "Get Price Quote"
  6. You will see the quote on your screen. Confirm the order by clicking "Buy Now"
  7. Submit billing information, select shipping method and payment option And you're done!

Yes, you can. Call our customer support number +91 7045917407 and give your requirements to our representative and they will guide you further.

We keep running promotions on our website from time to time. If you are registered with us, then you would be notified on these promotions and discount coupons, if any, via email, SMS or app notification.

If you have a discount coupon, you can apply and redeem the same before clicking on "Get Quote"

Go to "My account" and click on "My order". You will see list of all orders placed by you. Select a particular order that you wish to repeat and click on "Reorder".