DOCTORTECH Combi(4 in one with 150 prog.)

  • Digital interferential therapy for home use or home visits
  • Ultrasound :
  • It is an advanced solid-state 1 MHz ultrasound therapy equipment
  • Sleek and compact in design with easily selectable continuous and pulsed modes
  • A digital display indicates output power in W/cm2
  • Easily selectable micro-controller based timer and plastic moulded light weight transducer with water resistant
  • Continuous and pulsed ultrasound
  • Digital display of treatment time
  • Provision for combination therapy
  • Built in digital circuit and control all functions
  • Digital display of applied intensity
  • Underwater treatment transducer
  • Compact and light weight
  • Non thermal effect
  • Tens :
  • 2 channel outputs
  • Obesity program
  • Universal input
  • ABS cabinet-portable & light weight
  • Frequency sweep available
  • Battery maintenance free rechargeable
DOCTORTECH Combi(4 in one with 150 prog.)
DOCTORTECH Combi(4 in one with 150 prog.)
Product Code/SKU DTI-88
Standard Accessories :
Output Cable With Jack Pin 2 Pairs
Silicone Conductive Rubber Pads 2 Pairs
Main Line Cord 1 No
Technical Detail :
Input Voltage 220V/Ac 50 Hz
Display FND Display
Intensity 99 mA
IFT Medium Frequency 4 KHz
IFT Muscle Exec. 2 KHz
Base Frequency 0-150 Hz
Sweep Frequency 0-100 Hz
Therapy Model 4p IFT, 4p Vactor, 2p Modulation
Sweep Program Rectangular Wave 1/1
Triangular Wave 2/2
Trapezoidal Wave 6/6
Ultrasound Specifications :
Frequency 1 MHZ
Therapy Modes Continuous/Pulsed
Pules Frequency/Duration 100H 1&2mec
Output Power 0-3W/cm2
Timer 0-99 mins
Ultrasound Technical Data :
Mains Voltage 90 270V / 50 or 60 Hz
Safety Class Class I, Type BF (IEC 60601 -1)
Tens Specifications :
Tens Frequency 2 250Hz (1 Hz Step)
Pulse Width 20 250 Micro Seconds
No. Of Channels Four
Output Mode Continuous/Pulsed
Treatment Time 0 60 min
Power Source Dual Power (Mains/Battery)
Tens Technical Data :
Mains Voltage 90 V 270V AC/50 or 60 Hz
Safety Class Class I, Type BF (IEC 60601 -1)
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BRAND Doctortech
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