Confident Wave Dental Chair

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Description Confident Wave Dental chair is an electric operated chair used for patient handling in Dentistry. Features Body contoured Electrically operated dental chair Unit fitted with Halogen Operating light having two intensity Chair side Porcelain spittoon with water connection Air ventury high suction Modular (Delivery Hanging cords) Airotor points - 1 No Supreme Micromotor 35000 rpm Three way syringe - 1 No SS instrument Tray X -Ray viewer "SURGI" Dental operators stool
Confident Wave Dental Chair_00
Confident Wave Dental Chair_00
Key Specifications Electrically Operable Seamless Seat upholestry Ceramic spitton and tumbler Halogen light Packaging Dental chair with Dr Stool Ceramic Spitton & Tumbler Halogen light Instrument Tray Foot control Two Threeway Syringe Provision for three Airotor & a Micromotor X-Ray Viewer Saliva Ejector Warranty Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 1 year as applicable for this product Warranty is covered on spare parts only.
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