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Comen Neonatal Monitor without Sleep Apnea C60

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• C60 enhance the anti-interfere capability of the NIBP measurement to ensure the data accuracy in neonate movement status
• Single neonate measurement mode, soft & hard over-pressure protection
• Apnea Self-saving monitoring:Unique neonatal Apnea Self-saving monitoring, solve the suffocation symptom brought by Apnea neonatorum,gives superier care to the neonate.
• Oxygen concentration monitoring function:Medical stuff can command and acquire change of incubator oxygen density through monitoring oxygen density with oxygen density sensor.
• According to the character of neonate’s HR, use the latest COMEN TM ExNeo ECG Technology to guarantee the accuracy of measurement.
• Anti-motion respiration testing technology, apnea alarm Specialized neonatal ECG cable and electrodes
• According to the low blood and low perfusion character of neonate, COMEN use Adap-DSP system to provide more accurate measurement
GMDN: 58702
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• 8.4 inch TFT Touch Screen
• USB socket: extend memory capacity, convenient for computer data saving and file recording
• Net Port: Maximum 128units bedside monitors to connect the central monitoring system, wired or wireless network supportable
• OxyCRG: Display the interactive relation between heart rate, respiration and oxygen on the same screen, convenient for observing the clinic change of neonate
• ST analysis, Arr. analysis, Drug-dose calculation.etc
• Lightweight and compact, 3.5KG
• Li-ion battery, 4 hours working time
• Standard Configuration: 3- lead ECG , HR , Masimo SpO , PR , NIBP , RESP , Dual TEMP , bedrail hook
• Optional Configuration: 5-lead ECG , Nellcor SpO , Dual IBP , ETCO , printer

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