Chenwei ICU ventilator (CWH 3010)



  • ICU Ventilator (CWH-3010)
  • Applied for adult and child
  • With high-intelligent control system
  • With TFT display for ventilation parameters
  • Humidifier with temperature adjustment
  • Flow (optional) and pressure trigger
  • With air compressor (optional)
Chenwei ICU ventilator (CWH 3010)
Chenwei ICU ventilator (CWH 3010)


  • Power: 220V AC ± 10%, 50 to 60Hz ± 2%, built-in battery for backup
  • Gas source: O2 , air
  • Ventilation mode: IPPV, SIMV, SIGH, SPONT, CPAP, PEEP, S, T, S/T and manual (optional: Bi-level)
  • Parameter monitoring: Tidal volume, minute volume, frequency, inhaling time, airway pressure, PEEP and O2 Concentration
  • Waveform display: Pressure-time (optional: Flowtime, pressure-volume loop)
  • Alarm: No tidal volume, minute volume too high (low), airway pressure too high (low), O2 Concentration too high (low), O2 Or air failure, AC power failure and backup battery too low.
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