BPL Syringe & Volumetric Pump - Acura S1

Product Type : simple
  • High definition 2.8 inch Color LCD with infusion rate display
  • The device comes with an in - built drug library
  • In - built Flow rate, Time/volume, Dosage/Weight Infusion modes
  • Double CPU ensures safety and reliability ofinfusion
  • Dual bolus: Automatic and Manual along with Anti - Bolusfunction
  • 2000 history records and last configuration memory
  • Calibratedfor all standard syringe brands of5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml 8 50/60ml
  • 3 level occlusion sensitivities setting (programmable) with picture representation
  • Audio and visual alarmsfor alerts
  • Vertical 8 Horizontal rotatablefixation clamp
Product Type : simple
BPL Syringe & Volumetric Pump - Acura S1
BPL Syringe & Volumetric Pump - Acura S1
Display 2.8 inch Color LCD
Syringes 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml 8 50/60 ml.
Infusion Modes Rate Mode, Time Mode and Drug/Weight Mode
Time/Volume Mode Volume: 9999.9ml, Time: 99:59:59
Drug/weight Mode Body weight: 0.1-300 kg,, Drug Amount 0.01ug-999g, Solution Volume 0.1-999.9 ml, Dose - 0.01-99.99 (subject to the unit)
Flow Rate Range 5ml: 0.1ml/h-150ml/h; 10ml: 0.1ml/h-300ml/h: 20ml: 0.1ml/h-600ml/h; 30 ml: 0.1ml/h-900ml/h; 50ml/60 ml 0.1ml/h-1200 ml/h
Flow Rate Step 0.1ml/h
Flow Rate Accuracy within 12%
Volume Limit 01-99999 ml
Bolus Rate5ml : 10ml/h-150ml/h; 10ml : 10ml/h-300ml/h; 20ml : 10ml/h-600ml/h; 30ml : 10ml/h-00ml/h; 50ml/60ml 10ml/h-1200ml/h
Bolus Accuracy 512% (after calibration)
Purge Rate 5ml : 150ml/h; 10ml : 300ml/h; 20ml : 600ml/h; 30ml : 900ml/h; 50ml/60ml : 1200ml/h
KVO 0.1-5ml/h (afterinjection)
Occlusion Level3 - level sensitivities setting
Audio 8 Visual AlarmClamp Err, Putter Err, Finished KVO, Near Empty, EMPTY, Occlusion, Low Battery, Power OFF etc.
Power Supply 100V-240V AC, 50HZ/60HZ
Battery Type Internal rechargeable Ni-MH DC12V 2000mAh
Battery Backup 8 hours at 5ml/hr after fully recharged
Classification Class I, CF, |PX2
Dimensions 305mm(L) X 130mm(B) X 108mm(H) ( handgrip and clamp excluded)
Weight 1.9Kg Approx.
Operational Conditions
Temperature +5°C - +40°C
Relative Humidity ±80%
Atmospheric Pressure 70KPa - 106Kpa
Storage 8 Transportation Condltions
Temperature -22°C - +55°C
Relative Humidity 10% - 90%
Atmospheric Pressure 70KPa - 106Kpa
Product Type : simple
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Country of Origin India
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