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Boston Ivy IV Infusion Set (Silver)

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Direction For Use :
• Remove the outer cap of the container and disinfect top.
• Firmly close the regulator.
• Remove spike cover and insert the spike at the top of the container to its full length, turn the container upside down and hang it at suitable length.
• Squeeze the drip chamber until it is filled up to the mask. Thus prevents air bubbles from entering the fluid path.
• Remove the protective cover of the needle Gently release the regular In order to let the solution flow, keeping the needle above the container level. Gradually lower the needle in such a way that no air bubble are left in the tube. Let a few drops of solution pass through.
• Close the regular.
• Perform venipuncture and release the regular to achieve the desired flow rate.

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• Sterile
• Non-Toxic
• Non-Pyrogenic

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