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Infuse Value in Hospital Procurement – VIZI by Medikabazaar

The hospital Industry faces a lot of challenges, the prominent ones being regulatory, pricing, profitability, procurement, clinical and manpower. The biggest and most prominent out of these is procurement. Let’s understand the importance of procurement from patient care and business cost perspectives through a survey finding by Cardinal Health, one of USA’s leading medical supplies aggregators. The result is thus: 40 percent of surgeries get cancelled due to inventory stock-outs. That’s 4 in every...

Hospital Inventory Mismanagement - Why it happens and what’s the solution 0

Hospital Inventory Mismanagement: Why it happens and what’s the solution?

Medical establishments provide services to their patients all throughout the year. There is no specific time when there is an influx or efflux of patients for which hospitals can plan accordingly. Therefore, they have to fill their inventories with the required Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to consistently and efficiently cater to the needs of the patients. Hospitals have to deal with this unpredictable demand at all times which can lead to certain pertinent problems....