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Everything to know about Medical Scrubs and their Importance

Why the scrubs and why are they called so?  “Scrubs” can be added to the list of those items that have derived their name from the action performed. The onset of the 20th century saw an increased awareness and sensitivity towards hygiene and cleanliness in operating theaters.  Due to the nature of their work, it was realized that medical staff was more prone to getting infected and transferring infection. As a mandate, the doctors...


A Complete Guide to Buy Scrub Suit Online

Medical Scrubs Industry in India VS US. The Medical scrubs market in India is valued at 1 billion in India as against the 100 billion US markets for medical wear. It is clearly evident in the various medical series featured on Netflix. From Grey’s Anatomy to Scrubs the medical staff seen are clad in tastefully designed, smart, and colorful scrubs. As the shows are a reflection of events and people around us, the same...