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A complete Guide to Essential Equipment for setting up an Ophthalmic center

India is the second most populated country in the world and home to 30% of the world’s population of blind people. The count is a staggering over 10 million people. (Ref. medicalmagazine.in) Cataract is a major reason for blindness and contributes to 60% of cases while glaucoma causes blindness 13% of the time. Indian ophthalmologists conduct 5 million surgeries in a given year. As per the ophthalmology experts, 80% of these blinding cases can...


Appasamy Ophthalmic Phacoemulsifier Galaxy Pro – P

Appasamy Turbo Vit-Touch Screen Phaco with Posterior Vitrectomy with Standard Accessories Features: • Traction free and controlled Vitrectomy surgery by higher cut rate optimized system for MIVS and MICS linear and non-linear Vitrectomy. • Flexible customization of settings to suit individual needs consistent bright powerful led light through 20g, 23g & 25g(optional) endo probes. • Effective silicone oil injection and extraction mode ready for Phaco and fragmentome surgeries. • Function parameters enable on surgical...


Appasamy Ophthalmic Green Laser System

Specification: Laser Beam Delivery Coaxial delivery with slit illumination Laser spot Diameter Continuously adjustable par focal system with  variable spot size from 50-1000µ at coroneal plane. Magnification Ratio 6, 10, 16, 25 & 40x Standard Slit 0°, 45° & 90° Illumination 12V-30V, Brightness continuously adjustable Slit Length Adjustment Adjustable in step of 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 & 14mm Slit Width Adjustment Continuously adjustable from 1-14 mm Laser Spot Size Display 7 segment LED...