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Benefits of Dental RVG Sensor and its Application in Dentistry

Accuracy in diagnosis is paramount in Dentistry. The dentist can only fix the problem and meet the customer’s expectations after an accurate diagnosis. Imaging has a very important role to play in dentistry. A clear image can aid in accurate diagnosis while an unclear image can increase the chances of an error. Capturing a quality image is not as simple as it sounds. Image quality is affected by a number of factors. RVG or...

A brief guide on must have dental instruments and materials 0

A brief guide on must have dental instruments and materials

Opening and setting up a Dental Clinic can be quite the Herculean task when it comes to procuring equipment, consumables, and even setting up its basic infrastructure. With a lack of options to conveniently choose from, procuring supplies and setting up a dental clinic becomes even more difficult. To help change this, Medikabazaar stepped into providing an entire gamut of dental solutions under one roof. Be it individual practitioners wanting to set up or...


15 New Dental Instruments, Tools & Materials for Dentists

The exponential growth of technology has led to unprecedented scales of progress in various industries throughout the 21st century. Healthcare too has been in the mix of things, and what better industry than healthcare to adopt and extract the best out of technology. The dental industry has seen innovations too, with new dental instruments & tools paving the way for superior patient care as well as adding comfort to professional practice. New and improved...