Medikabazaar collaborates with Korea’s Boditech Med Inc to bring automated desktop analysers to the Indian market

Boditech’s automated desktop analyzers- the AFIAS 1 and AFIAS 6 immunoassay analyzers with a range of reagents and diagnostic kits will be distributed through Medikabazaar’s distribution channels.

India’s leading B2B Healthtech platform, Medikabazaar announced collaboration with leading Korea-based Point of Care testing and In-Vitro Diagnostic company Boditech Med Inc. Under the collaboration, Medikabazaar will distribute Boditech's In-Vitro Diagnostic Solutions using its network.

Boditech’s automated desktop analyzers- the AFIAS 1 and AFIAS 6 immunoassay analyzers with a range of reagents and diagnostic kits will be brought into the Indian market through Medikabazaar’s distribution channels. These analysers will provide for diagnosis of COVID-19 as well as other diagnostic solutions for cardiac, cancer, diabetes, hormonal and other infections such as dengue, rota and adenovirus.

The AFIAS-1 is a compact immunoassay analyzer with the all-in-one cartridge system. It has a single channel lateral flow immunoassay platform and uses disposable cartridges including all the reagents necessary for the test. It further comes with proprietary C-tips for fingertip blood and quick test results with reliability.

Speaking on the change that these analysers can bring in diagnosis of diseases including COVID in India, Vivek Tiwari, Founder & CEO, Medikabazaar said, “With this partnership, we would be able to provide access to quality point of care testing to all corners of India, thus contributing to significantly improving the nation's testing and diagnostic ecosystem. Even as we emerge from the second wave of the COVID pandemic, it is necessary for us to take all precautions to prevent any surge and point of care testing will help in making rapid clinical decisions for monitoring, treatment and making operational decisions as to allocation of resources. Point of care testing saves time and leads to long term societal and economic benefits. This partnership will bolster our diagnostics portfolio to support pathology services.”

Commenting on the collaboration, ALN Prasad, Managing Director, Boditech Med India said: “AFIAS point-of-care testing is a one-of-its-kind diagnostic solution that maximizes user convenience by offering a wide range of immunological test parameters, just with a finger-prick based sample. It enables physicians to perform tests within the clinic or hospital and helps them to make quick decisions to undertake evidence-based treatments, which proves crucial in critical care facilities where immediate test results are essential. Testing and diagnostic facilities are highly centralised in India, with this partnership we are looking to achieve decentralisation of testing facilities and reach the remotest corners of the country."

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