The scrubs- From functional to setting trends in comfort and style

Medical scrubs are second skin if you are in health care. The scrub clothing needs to go through a complete makeover when it comes to the choice of cloth, the color, and the fit. Scrub clothing need not be limited to doctors and nurses. Medical institutions should provide their staff with color-coded scrubs clothing as medical uniforms. The scrub uniforms are easy to maintain and less expensive than the conventional uniforms. Recent surveys with patients show that the wearing of medical scrubs is critical to patient care perception and can become an identity marker for different categories of workers in the health industry. An increasing number of medical institutions should adopt scrub clothing to make their staff easy to identify and make the processing easy for patients.

This will help them to build their image as customer-centric. The scrub clothing should no longer be limited to surgery rooms and as doctor scrub or nursing scrub.  The newfound advantages of scrub clothing in traditional and nontraditional industries have pushed the designers to think beyond the orthodox. The market is open for different materials, fits, and designs that are comfortable to wear, trendy, and at the same time functional. Medikabazaar has announced the launch of India’s first premium Scrub brand NEXAGE. Nexage scrubs are developed for modern healthcare workers who wish to strike the optimal blend of performance, safety, and individuality.   

NexAge, with antimicrobial qualities and enticing natural choices featuring the newest international trends in fit, fabric, fashion, and feel.  

NexAge is curated by ace fashion designers to provide a mix of elegance and comfort to our brave healthcare workers. The Scrubs are available in varied COLOUR & FABRIC RANGE Orange, Maroon, Mauve Teal Blue Denim Doctor Blue Sky Grey, Leaf Green, Hot Pink, Candy Green, Purple Cotton, Woven Poly-Cotton, Poly-Cotton, Knit, Denim, Stretch.   

If you are looking to leverage the available opportunity then click the following link NexAge to experience a revolution in scrubs.

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