Medical Scrubs: Not just the greens, adding colors to your work life

The medical industry is experiencing rapid changes in the fast-evolving competitive space. With health tourism on the rise, guest experience has become pivotal in securing repeat business from clients. These fast pace changes are easy to see in India also referred as the Indian subcontinent. 

Being a medical professional means the following 

  • Long working hours usually 12-14 Hours a day/night  
  • Risk of contamination and infection 
  • At the forefront of any crisis situation 
  • Firefighting at times 
  • The face of the brand  
  • Customer facing role 

A survey conducted in the USA Aug 2020 underlined the importance of attire to patients and how it gets tied to perceiving patient care. What one wears should reflect trust, and confidence and should enhance performance. Trust drives patient compliance with the doctor’s advice and the needed outcome. 

It is a pressure cooker situation, requiring split-second decisions with zero room for errors. The job has an endless demand and requires nerves of steel for the people performing it. At Medikabazaar we understand the efforts needed to be in the health domain to make the lives of the patients comfortable. 

The Indian markets however are unraveling themselves when it comes to medical scrub clothing. The large chain of hospitals is replacing their drab uniforms with smartly designed, colorful, functional clothing otherwise referred to as scrubs. Dearth of medical professionals is pushing customer dependence from being on a private doctor and his staff to a central team-based model of patient care. Smart scrubs not only make the team easy to identify for the patients and their families but also build and enhance the image of the brand. Care staff draped in modern, designed yet comfortable scrubs are a sight for sour eyes. The choice of various fabrics and pastel colors breaks the monotony of the drab, green, and rough gowns that are a loud announcement of surgery. 

Health care professionals put in long working hours. Whether he is a doctor, a nurse, a caregiver, or the welcome staff.  To cater to a demand of more than 40 hours a week at times, it is imperative for them to dress in clothes that can enhance their performance. 

Patients have agreed that hospital staff dressed in medical scrubs are easy to identify and relate to. The uniformity in dressing reduces chaos and confusion. The patients feel more confident and at ease when interacting with them. Brand visibility in medical scrubs is conspicuous by the brand logo in different colors adorning the necklines, pockets, collar flaps, and at times, even the loops which hold the identity cards of the healthcare professionals. Some medical institutes include even their brand slogan in Scrub clothing.  

In the light of the above Medikabazaar introduced Nexage- Our effort to make the lives of medical professionals comfortable. Scrub clothing has been the same drab green for ages. They have seen very little or no changes over the years. Everything around the medical professionals has gone through a rapid transformation be it the infrastructure, the medical equipment, or the patient’s perception of care. What has been a slow painful change is the green or the white garb of the medical professionals. The scrub has been seen more as a mandate and less as a garment. With Nexage this changes as we bring to you scrubs that have been tastefully designed, keeping in mind the style, the cut, the finishing, and the functionality. Now medical professionals can choose from five different kinds of fabrics and 12 vibrant colors. The designs are immaculate and offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and functionality. The scrubs can be personalized complementing your personality or the brand at large.  This personalization can be in the form of 5 different cuts or in the form of fabric or color. These scrubs can also be personalized with a brand logo or a message of your choice on the shirt. So, surprise your superhero by gifting him a stylish scrub personalized with his initials. Superheroes also wear scrubs not just capes. 

The way we dress goes a long way in building perceptions in people. Now you can build the perceptions of your customers by dressing your workforce tastefully and in the meantime building long-lasting impressions. Click on the link to explore the new range of medical scrubs- Nexage from Medikabazaar. 

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