Everything to know about Medical Scrubs and their Importance

Why the scrubs and why are they called so? 

“Scrubs” can be added to the list of those items that have derived their name from the action performed. The onset of the 20th century saw an increased awareness and sensitivity towards hygiene and cleanliness in operating theaters.  Due to the nature of their work, it was realized that medical staff was more prone to getting infected and transferring infection. As a mandate, the doctors started to sterilize themselves before the surgery, what was colloquially referred to as scrubbing in, hence the name got stuck with these garments as the doctors used to change into them right before they performed the surgery. The doctors realized that keeping the contamination to zero aids in post-operative recovery. Wearing clean scrubs helps in avoiding contamination and protects the operative staff also.  

Why were the medical scrubs green in color? 

In the initial stages, the operating gowns or scrub suits for doctors were pristine white to stress cleanliness and hygiene. It was soon realized that the white shade under the bright lights of the theater caused stress in the eyes of the operating staff. Soon the white color was replaced with green. The green color was in perfect contrast to the color of the blood, skin, and muscles, easy on the eyes, and the splashes of blood and other fluids were easily visible and identifiable. 

Why is a V-neck design preferred in scrubs? 

The V-neck design of the scrubs makes them easy to wear and also take off without the garment touching the face or mouth, thus making them safer against contamination.  

What are the characteristics of good scrubs?  

A good medical scrub should be antimicrobial, odor resistant, stain resistant, made up of breathable material, comfortable, and functional all rolled into one. As medical staff are required to spend long hours at the workplace, they are preferring those scrubs that can offer them all of the above.  

 How have scrubs evolved over the years? 

In earlier times scrubs were worn primarily by the operating staff. That included the surgeons and the staff assisting them. Now medical establishments are focused on building the customer experience and they know that scrubs are useful in doing that. The scrubs help in building the image of the brand and also create positive patient perceptions. More and more hospitals are dressing their staff in colorful, customized scrubs.  The scrubs are no longer limited to the green color and are tastefully designed and tailored to requirements. The doctors are resistant to using scrubs that are worn by others. As they spend long hours at work, they are looking for scrubs that are an extension of their personality. They look for choices in color, fit, and fabric without any compromise on functionality. 

Where can I buy good scrubs? 

One can resolve to search and buy scrubs online and search from online uniform tailoring sites or pick from a brand like Nexage. It is a medical wear brand that Medikabazaar has introduced. The scrubs are tastefully designed, available in 5 different fabrics and 12 different shades to pick from and many more designs and colors are being added to the catalog. They are anti-odor, antimicrobial, stain resistant, and functional simultaneously. These scrubs are customizable and can be personalized too. If you are looking for high-quality, stylish medical scrubs for doctors and nurses, Nexage is the right choice for you.  

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