A Complete Guide to Buy Scrub Suit Online

Medical Scrubs Industry in India VS US.

The Medical scrubs market in India is valued at 1 billion in India as against the 100 billion US markets for medical wear.

It is clearly evident in the various medical series featured on Netflix. From Grey’s Anatomy to Scrubs the medical staff seen are clad in tastefully designed, smart, and colorful scrubs. As the shows are a reflection of events and people around us, the same is evident in the sales figures too. The fact remains that the top-selling scrub brand in the US is 4 times the current scrub market of India.

The emergence of medical facilities and the acceptance of medical insurance are changing the medical world. We can see the change as the establishment as well as the doctors are shrugging off the drab and the orthodox and opening up to the concept of smart and colorful scrubs. The scrubs are no longer bare essentials but are a reflection of the brand and the people representing it.

Traditional Buying of Medical Scrubs

The traditional way of buying scrub is offline through vendors that deal in uniforms of all kinds. Here the choice is limited and the customization is reduced to printing logos.  There is little choice of fabric. The focus is on the cost. Establishments preferred a fabric that is easy to maintain and could be interchangeably used by the staff just like the linen in hotel rooms. How do you define a good scrub suit for doctors?

  1. Light & Breathable Material:
    • Now the staff is required to clock- in 8-10 hours a day. It is crucial that the medical scrubs are comfortable. Comfortable here means not oversized but made up of material that is light and that breathes.
  2. Smart Fitting Fabric:
    • Presentability plays a major role in building patient perceptions. An ill-fitting medical scrub creates a drab impression and a smart-fitting scrub leaves a positive impression in the minds of the patients.
  3. Pockets:
    • The scrub suits for doctors have to be functional too. Pockets of the right size are needed.
  4. Properties of odor-free, stain-free, antibacterial properties and wrinkle-free
    • It is important that the doctor's scrubs are stain-free, odor-free, antibacterial, and wrinkle-free. As the staff comes in close contact with the patients there is a high risk of infections and transfer of infections.
  5. Customizable (Size, color, fabric, and logo)
    • Scrubs are a means to brand building. It should have the possibility of customization in terms of logo, names, or department as needed.
  6. Low on maintenance
    • The maintenance cost of the scrubs plays a critical role. Whether the hospital maintains it or the employee, everyone is looking for a material that can be cleaned easily and is stain free.

 Best Medical Scrubs and Where to Buy?

Medical scrubs that meet the above criteria can be classified as value for money. These scrubs can be obtained through vendors that deal in uniforms of all kinds. Here the choice is limited and the customization is only limited to printing logos. There is hardly any choice of fabric that is available and they deal in bulk orders. These vendors work on economies of scale and the cost is the major factor they like to focus on. Hence, they suggest minimum customization and promote regular colors. One can also buy medical scrubs online.

Guide to Buy Scrubs Online

The scrub suits for the doctors are available online. One can search and buy from online uniform tailoring sites or from consumer sites like Amazon and Flipkart. The challenge on consumer sites is that the prices that one sees are retail prices and there is no room for bulk discounts as these sites operate in the B to C space. Given below are some steps one should consider before the purchase decision is made.

  1. Decide on the quantity and the color of the fabric that is needed. Medical institutions are buying different color scrubs to differentiate the various departments that are involved in patient care. The different color scrub suits help the patient in identifying the staff category that they are looking for.
  2. The scrub suits for the doctors are usually maintained by the hospital while the rest of the staff maintains the uniform at their own cost. A fabric that is easy to maintain should be a preferred choice.
  3. Check the vendor for range, dependability, and fairness before placing the order. Look for customer testimonials.
  4. Check for the price and the room for negotiation of the price
  5. Check for customization offered by the vendor. As customization is a preference and a good way for brand building and recall.


Buying scrub suits for doctors should not be as casual as picking potatoes from a street. The buying process should be well thought out and researched. One can refer to a brand like “Nexage”. It is a medical wear brand that has been introduced by Medikabazaar. The scrubs are tastefully designed, available in 5 different fabrics and 12 different shades to pick from. They are anti-odor, antimicrobial, stain resistant, and functional at the same time. These Medical scrubs are customizable and can be personalized too. If you are looking for medical scrubs online for doctors and nurses, who are your brand ambassadors that interact with your customers, Nexage is the right choice.  

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