6 Ways to Style your Medical Scrubs Fashionably

The healthcare industry has never been associated with fashion and style and is not the most glamorous of professions. This is an industry where every human, whether poor or rich relies on in their tough times. The doctors and nurses know the number of hours they have to be on their feet in stressful situations and therefore comfort is a big concern when it comes to medical wear to sustain long hours of duty without affecting the quality of patient care.

Even though fashion and the healthcare industry are poles apart in their own ways that doesn’t mean that the healthcare workers cannot dress up fashionably in their scrubs. We at Medikabazaar have come up with our very own trendy medical wear collection- NexAge where we have the most stylish, modern and international styles of scrubs that can make any professional feel confident and in turn help them perform better.

Here we have tips for how you can style your medical wear fashionably.

  1. Choose Quality Fabrics

The correct fit of the scrub is highly dependent on the quality of the fabric and so the fabric you chose cannot be ignored. The fabric should be such that it makes you feel comfortable throughout the duty time. It should be anti-microbial, anti-wrinkle, stain-resistant, anti-odour, and breathable. Athleisure or activewear are comfortable and the best styles for long and tiring shifts.

  1. Experiment with Colours

Different colours can give you a different look and make you feel vibrant. It may also remove the monotony of daily life and therefore experimenting with different colours can be a good idea. At Nexage we have the unique colour of scrubs available like orange, candy green, mauve, teal blue, and many others.

  1. Select the perfect Style

With new and stylish patterns coming it is of utmost importance to find the scrub that best suits you and makes you feel comfort, whether it is a V neck, round neck, Collared neck, or a complete jogger style suit. There are all possible styles available for you to style your everyday outfit.

  1. Choose the Right Size

The biggest mistake a buyer does is overlooking the perfect size and compromising on the fit of the scrub. To feel comfortable and confident it is extremely important to wear the size that perfectly fits the body and is not too loose or tight to the body.

  1. Customize Your Scrub

Personalization can add on to the entire look and make you look presentable in your professional environment. Personalization can be done in many ways like embroidering your name on the side of your top, for a very unique look. You can also choose to put your embroidered nickname or initials on one side of the sleeve in a contrast colour. There can be many ways to personalize your scrubs that will be accepted at your workplace.

  1. Accessorize Your Scrub

Accessorizing is one of the best ways to enhance the overall look of your trendy scrubs. It is always wise to have minimal accessories so as to avoid hindrance in your practice. Something as basic as a watch which will add to your look and also help you keep a track of you of schedule and make sure things happen on time. A water-resistant watch is preferred so that you can sanitize it to remove germs. For women, simple studs and delicate necklace will also add to your look. So to conclude, it is always advisable to wear minimal accessories and yet look elegant.

With these tips you can start making your hospital wear also extremely fashionable and experience the change in the way you feel at your workplace. If you are looking to buy medical scrubs that are super stylish with latest trends and vibrant colours, NexAge is the right brand for you that will cater to all your needs. It will help you with your style, colour, and fabric to make you look and feel confident in your everyday outfit.

Redefine your style!

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