X-Ray: A complete checklist of products and their uses

X-Ray: A complete checklist of products and their uses

A doctor with a patient's x-ray film


An X-ray procedure is an imaging test that allows doctors to see inside the human body without making incisions. This process helps to detect, diagnose, and treat, various medical problems. Different categories of X-rays are used for various medical purposes. For example, a patient might have to get a mammogram X-ray for breast examination, while the doctor can instruct patients to get an X-ray done with barium enema to determine any disorders in their gastrointestinal tract.

The various devices used during an X-ray are :

  • Compensation filters: ThisĀ X-ray product is a metal filter placed in front of the collimator. It diminishes a part of the primary beam to compensate for different body part thicknesses in the same field of view. It provides a full view of the X-ray area.
  • Foam imaging table pads: This device helps to maintain the control of the patient during the X-ray procedure. It is durable and lasts for a long period.
  • X-ray view box: A quality view box is an essential X-ray product which is a must for all medical establishments. View boxes provide clear images to assist in proper diagnosis. It is also known as an X-ray film illuminator. The device consists of a ventilation system along with top and bottom film grips.
  • X-ray cassette: These devices are solid holders which are used in regular radiology procedures for screen-film system and image plate. The backside of the cassette consists of a rubber which ensures sufficient contact between the above two. The front side is built of low atomic number substance (plastic or carbon), while the backside consists of the high atomic number (lead) to lessen backscatter.
  • X-ray cassette holders: Cassette holders are used to placing X-ray cassettes firmly. This results in the best quality of X-ray images. X-ray cassettes need to be stationary to produce detailed images. This X-ray product ensures a safer environment for, both patients and doctors, as it reduces the amount of radiation during the procedure.
  • X-ray cassette cleaners: Cassette cleaners reduce the static which gets collected during the procedures.
  • X-ray grid protectors: X-ray grids consist of numerous lead and aluminum lines placed parallel to each other. These lines absorb the radiation emitted from the X-ray equipment resulting in sharp images. X-ray grids are delicate and therefore grid protectors are used to safeguard the grids from any damage. X-ray grids are made and placed inside the protectors that are available in aluminum and plastic encasements.
  • X-ray markers: This X-ray product is also known as anatomical side markers, lead markers, or radiographic film identification markers. It is used to mark X-ray films, both in medical establishments and industrial facilities. Markers are also used in radiographic images to highlight the anatomical details of the body and when the X-ray procedure was conducted.

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