Vasomedical P-ECP TI with SPO2

Vasomedical P-ECP TI with SPO2 (Laptop interface model)

Vasomedical P-ECP TI with SPO2


• Passed by CE certificate and Bio-compatibility test.

• It is based on Modern Medicine, Bio-clinic Medicine, and Scientific Precise Data.

• It adopts the latest computer, modern control technique, and software control system.

• It adopts Germany Air Compressor and electromagnetic valve only for ECP with proprietary intellectual property rights.

• It adopts scientific designed system to reduce noise and heat.

• It adopts integration of equipment(All in One)design.

• Its shape is based on the ergonomic design.

Operating Environment

• Temperature 14 to 104(-10°C to 40°C)
• Relative Humidity≤80%
• Atmospheric Pressure 0.1013Mpa
• Atmospheric Free of Corrosive gas.

Dimension and Weight

• L*W*H : 2150mm*840mm*600mm
• Net Weight : 178kg

Power Requirement

• AC Single Phrase:220V±22V 50Hz/60Hz
• Maximum Power 2.6KVA

To place an order, please call Medikabazaar at: 1800-123-0201 (India toll-free) or email:

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