Spiromin P.C. Based Spirometer for spirometry

Spiromin P.C. Based Spirometer

Spiromin P.C. Based Spirometer

What is spirometry?

Spirometry is a standard test doctors use to measure how well your lungs are functioning. The test works by measuring airflow into and out of your lungs.

To take a spirometry test, you sit and breathe into a small machine called a spirometer. This medical device records the amount of air you breathe in and out and the speed of your breath.

Spirometry tests are used to diagnose these conditions:

  • COPD
  • asthma
  • restrictive lung disease (such as interstitial pulmonary fibrosis)
  • other disorders affecting lung function

Spiromin (P C Based Spirometer) which use to measure how well your lungs are functioning

Blessed with a modern infrastructure facility, we are manufacturing a reliable range of PC Based Spirometer. Adhering all the quality guidelines, our products are manufactured using developed by our experienced professionals. Keeping the usage of these products in various medical organizations, we manufacture our range of PC Based Spirometer in using improved technologies. These Spirometers can be easily connected to desktop or laptop which are very to operate and provide accurate readings which are offered by us at most competitive market prices.

Spiromin is a very easy to use simple PC based Spirometer which can be be connected to a laptop to become a fully working Spirometer. It's flawless design of turbine offers accurate readings. A 4 times trial for all tests gives ease for getting correct information without entering patient information again and again.


  • Connects directly to USB port of the Computer
  • A Bidirectional digital Turbine ensures maximum accuracy
  • Informs expected Lung age
  • Automatic interpretations
  • Can be connected to any PC or Laptop
  • Tests carried: FVC, MVV, SVC
  • Special Camp Mode to have ease of printing multiple reports in one go.
  • Multiple Ethnic prediction like Indian, ITS White, ITS Black, East China, North China, Northwest China etc.
  • Facility to print Photo Graph of the Patient.
  • The turbine can easily be taken out and cleaned in a disinfectant.


To place an order, please call Medikabazaar at +91-7045-917-407 or emailinfo@medikabazaar.com

For Purchasing this product visit https://medikabazaar.com/spiromin-p-c-based-spirometer

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