RESMED S9 Auto Bipap 25

RESMED S9 Auto Bipap 25

RESMED S9 Auto Bipap 25


• Climate Control, with the H5i heated humidifier and ClimateLineMAX tube, maintains ideal humidification according to real-time environment.
• Easy-Breathe motor offers the quietest therapy available.
• Easy-to-use controls and LCD make menu navigation simple and intuitive.
• SlimLine and ClimateLine tubes are exceptionally slim and lightweight, virtually eliminating tube drag.
• VAuto mode incorporates enhanced AutoSet technology with central sleep apnea (CSA) detection.
• Easy-Breathe EPR (expiratory pressure relief) adjusts pressure on exhalation for maximum comfort in both CPAP and VAuto modes.


• Mode : CPAP,Vauto(Spontaneous Bipap) 
• Pressure Range :IPAP:4-25 cm H2O and EPAP : 4-25 cm H2O 
• Ti Control : Ti Max 0,1-4 sec • Rise Time : Min, 150-900 msec
• Trigger : Five Settings 
• Cycle : Five Settings
• Dimensions(L x W x H) : 153x140x86 mm 
• Weight : 0.83kg
• Power Supply : 90 W

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