Digital Auto Lensometer (Model :SLK 5600 )

Digital Lensometer Matronix SLK-5600


Primary Application

• Ophthalmic instrument designed to measure the focusing power (dioptric power) and other optical characteristics of a spectacle lens, contact lens, or prism 

Product Description:

• Fastest & most accurate lens meter
• Read even progressive power lens or colored lenses with no effort and without ABBE value compensation. 
• Builtin UV transmittance & PO measurement facility with hi-speed Japanese thermal printer makes it a complete tool for opticians & 
lens dispensing out - lets.
• 5.6” High Resolution full- graphic colour LED monitor
• New Green Led Measuring Beam: The advanced ISO standard green LED measuring beam (cluster) of 545 nm wavelength . Detects 
more precisely with no effort, the power of all types of lenses without compensating their ABBE Value, against conventional mono-Red 
LED measuring beam method.
• Accurately measures the transmittance of 10% of colored lenses

Feature & Benefits:

• The ISO standard green LED measurement light in wavelength of 545 nm.
• Measurement of the lens without any number of setting.
• The instrument makes measurement more rapid, stable and accurate.
• Accurately measure color lens with the transmittance of 10%.
• Automatically identify the type of lens and automatically switch measurement mode with more convenient measurement of multi-focal 
• Sphere Lens: ±25.00 D
• Contact Lens: ±25.00 D
• Lens Diameter: 15 mm - 100 mm
• Dot Method: Ink Tube

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