Macular Pigment Screener MPSII Ophthalmic Instruments

Macular Pigment Screener MPSII Ophthalmic Instruments

Macular Pigment Screener MPSII Ophthalmic Instruments


The MPS II is a portable screening device that enables early detection of patients at risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) - the leading cause of vision loss in people over 50. MPS II measures your Macular Pigment (MP) level. Low MP is a significant (modifiable) risk factor for AMD and, once detected, needs managing through diet, supplementation and lifestyle in order to minimise the risk of early onset of AMD.


• Screening Early detection of the risk of sight loss
o Empowers proactive care management
o Cuts healthcare costs
• Accuracy Monocular detection is most accurate subjective method
• Speed ~ 90 seconds per eye for MP result
• Cost The most cost-effective screener on the market
• Reliability Data quality algorithms provide instant interpretation of results
• Footprint Far smaller than anything else on the market
• Portability Ideal for clinics, hospitals and domiciliary visits
• Technology Uses latest in LED technology and processing
o Non-invasive – no need for pupil dilation
• Innovation Novel application of Heterochromatic Flicker Technology
• Flexibility Dual modes enable detailed drill-down of results
• Connectivity Links to Windows PC for ease of use
• Data Patient’s record and results stored for continued monitoring of MP
o Generates repeat business

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