Gotiz Patient Monitor CView 7 Inch

Gotiz Patient Monitor CView 7 Inch

Gotiz Patient Monitor CView 7 Inch


• Low power

• Ergonomic design

• Light weight

• Small size

• Battery cruising ability


• Net weight : 0.95kg, size: 20cm × 15cm × 6cm (width x height x depth), continuous power supply 6 hours)
• Monitor: 7” wide screen TFT Display
• Standard 6 parameter configuration: ECGNI BPSPO2PRHRTempResp
• Six kinds of display interfaces: Standard interface, trend coexistence interface, respiratory oxygenation map interface, general word interface, all leads display interface, NIBP review interface
• Sound light alarm function: Anomaly alarm: probe lost and the value of vital signs anomaly. Asphyxiation alarm: Breath stopped
• Double over pressure protection function: It decompresses automatically in order to protect the patient when the cuffs pressure is more than the specified value
• Storage and Replay function: 12 hours of all waveforms wire storage and playback, 720 hours trend data storage and playback, 200 storage and playback of alarm events, 10,000 set of NIBP storage and playback
• Monitoring and Analysis: Arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis, pacemaker analysis and titration of drug concentrations.
• Network functions: Wire/wireless WIFI network, support online software upgrade and nurse call system
• Standard accessories: ECG cable, SPO2 sensor or the NIBP cuff, Temp probe
• Optional accessories: Hanging bracket, movable bracket, Out call bag, 7 inch touch screen, central monitoring system

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