FARO – ITALY Autoclave – Class B

FARO - ITALY Autoclave - Class B

FARO - ITALY Autoclave - Class B

Easy to use, low maintenance: the autoclave in its best shape

The SK07 class B Autoclave version 16 and 21 is the vanguard of the dental sterilization sector for which FARO’s Research and Development department has accurately selected its new composition, using electronics of the latest generation produced with SMT technology. This technology allows to minimize energy and water consumption and requires very little maintenance. The design is sober and ultra-modern for a perfect integration in the dental clinic, increasing its overall aesthetic quality.

VERSIONs 16 and 21
the printing or data storage devices
are housed inside the lower door.
VERSIONs 16 and 21
Memory card type: SD
record the cycles by means of the
specific software supplied.
VERSIONs 16 and 21
with a connection to an external printer
which allows coupon printing with detailed
information about each cycle.


  • Performs B-type cycles (121°C - 134°C - 134°C B-Flash - 134°C Prion) and test cycles: Bowie and Dick, Helix Test, Vacuum Test
  • B Flash Cycle while respecting the parameters required, can reduce the sterilization process time of the small loads (up to 0.5 kg - version 16 and up to 0.7 Kg - version 21)
  • OLED Display and user-friendly Control panel with 4 buttons to visualize instructions and information.
  • Control of the physical cycle characteristics.
  • Integrated safety system to monitor every phase of the sterilization cycle and to inform the user about any possible failure.
  • Direct connection to the main water supply.
  • Quick coupling faucets to load the water tank and drain the draining tank rapidly.
  • Automatic load of the tank: all the autoclaves contain an internal tank to automatically charge the water and a tank for the used water.
  • Long autonomy: 10-12 cycles (version 16) or 7-8 cycles (version 21) with a single load of distilled water in the integrated tank.
  • Automatic loading of the tank by integrated water pump
  • Limited water consumption thanks to the water injection pump in the chamber, which is managed by a software that avoids any waste.
  • Low energy consumption: extremely low electricity consumption thanks to a copper chamber which has a better conduction capacity (compared to the ones in steel) and thanks to a resistance which is splitted in 3 software-managed sectors in order to avoid the heating where not necessary.
  • Automatic low-temperature Standby to reduce the preheating time saving energy.
  • Quick and easy porthole adjustment, by a simple pression on the button on the door and turning the porthole.
  • Maximum temperature uniformity: the temperature and the pressure remain steady inside the sterilization chamber.
  • “Last cycle” system: automatic advanced last cycle system, for a perfect dry of the loads.
  • The delayed start function allows to program the beginning of the cycle at any time. 
  • Possibility of activating a video alert that highlights the approaching end of the cycle.

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