Essential equipment for operation theatres in hospitals

One of the core functions of any medical establishment is to conduct surgical operations. The reputation of any hospital is often judged by the number of successful operations performed by its doctors. However, hospitals must have appropriate operation theatre equipment at their disposal to ensure that all surgical procedures are conducted safely.

Essential equipment for operation theatres in hospitals

Essential equipment for operation theatres in hospitals

Here are some must-have medical devices for operation theatres:

  • Operation theatre light: Surgical lighting is vital for performing operations. It provides doctors with optimal viewing during the procedure. Appropriate lighting is important, especially in cases of complicated and intricate surgical operations.
  • Operation table: Operation tables are used for, both general and complex, surgical procedures. There is a wide range of surgery tables with adjustable settings and characteristics. Therefore, they offer sufficient flexibility to doctors during operations.
  • Anesthesia machine: This is one of the most vital operation theater equipment. It provides the patients with a balanced mixture of anesthesia and life-sustaining gases. The device has a user-friendly interface panel which allows the operation staff to take control during the operation.
  • Surgical diathermy: This device comes with the advanced Tissue Type Monitoring (TTM) system. This operation theatre equipment has adequate safety measures. It also has both endo-cut and high-cut functions. The former means a pulsed cut for lacerating polyps while the latter is performed to cut fatty areas. The apparatus has a hand switch which makes it easy to control. The operation staff can also personalize programs according to their needs.
  • Suction machine: This device is used for surgical procedures which involve absorbing thick liquids, such as phlegm and negative pressure suction. The device is fitted with an oil-free, eco-friendly piston pump.
  • Sterilizer machine: This operation theatre equipment takes care of the entire sterilization needs in an operating theatre. Several operating room consumables, such as dressing material, surgical devices, injections, etc. can be sterilized via steam from this apparatus.
  • Space management booms: Working in operating rooms can be uncomfortable if there isn’t enough space. Space management booms can help in effective space allocation. This will allow the surgical team to work more effectively and reduce their stress.

If the above-mentioned operation theater equipment is available at all medical establishments, then surgical procedures can be performed in a streamlined manner.

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