Auto Lensmeter DL-900

Two M Auto Lensmeter DL-900

Two M Auto Lensmeter DL-900

Exquisite detail and quality. Sophisticated shape combined with soft curves and attractive color with high quality Perfect to store spare roll paper, marking pen two-tone metallic and pearlescent paintwork which complements any interior and appeals atmosphere of trust to the customer.

Green LED light gives more precise measurement values without Abbe value adjustment.
(Previous model had RED LED light).

In the pursuit of ergonomics, lens holder and marking pens are integrated. Operability improved by shortening the stroke of marking pens, and high precious marking is enabled.

When alignment is correct, the color of target changes. When the measurement is finished, the color of the datawindow changes. The operation state of equipment can be judged visually.

Technical Specification

Cylinder  0±10D0.01/0.12/0.25 step
Axis  0180° 1°
Addition  0 10D0.01/0.12/0.25 step
Prism  0100.01/0.12/0.25 step
UV transmittance measurement  0100%
Pupillary distance measurement  4585 mm
Lens power measurement wavelength  375 nm
Power rating  100-240V 50/60Hz
Consumption  60VA
Printer  Thermal printer paper width 58 mm
Monitor  Color LCD monitor 5.7 inches
Dimension  218W × 280D × 507H (476: when the monitor is stored)
Weight  Approx.6.8 kg
Environmental condition of use  Temperature:10-40
Humidity  10-95% HR (no dew condensation allowed)

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