Appasamy Ophthalmic Green Laser System


  • Laser Beam Delivery Coaxial delivery with slit illumination
  • Laser spot Diameter Continuously adjustable par focal system with 
  • variable spot size from 50-1000µ at coroneal plane.
  • Magnification Ratio 6, 10, 16, 25 & 40x
  • Standard Slit 0°, 45° & 90°
  • Illumination 12V-30V, Brightness continuously adjustable
  • Slit Length Adjustment Adjustable in step of 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 & 14mm
  • Slit Width Adjustment Continuously adjustable from 1-14 mm
  • Laser Spot Size Display 7 segment LED display in slit lamp
  • Physician Saftey Filters Ultra clear view safety filter permanently integrated
  • Micro Manipulator movements 360°
  • Weight (without packing) 10 Kg
  • Slit Lamp Filters Heat absorbing, green (red free), Cobalt blue

Movement Ranges:

  • Longitudinal (In/Out):99mm Lateral (Left/Right) : 118mm
  • Vertical (Up/Down):30mm Chin Rest Range: 90mm
  • Dimensions:530(L)x380(W)x600(H) mm

Product Descriptions:

  • Electronic micro manipulator on the joystick ensures the ultimate in controlled safety.
  • The precise guidance of the aiming beam and the therapy beam guarantees optimum illumination on the site of treatment at all times whether it is in the far periphery or in the vicinity of the macula.
  • Inbuilt true colour laser safety filter.
  • Digital spot size display.
  • Electronic micro manipulator ON/OFF switch.

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