An Ultimate Guide to Suction Apparatus


A suction machine clinically known as an aspirator is a device that is used to remove an obstruction in the patient's airways. It is critical that the patient has a clear airway at all times whether during the surgery or otherwise. An obstruction in the airways interferes with the medical procedure and can be life-threatening. It is imperative to remove the obstruction that is in the form of mucous, blood, saliva, secretions, and debris from the pharynx, trachea, and main bronchi that form the airway. The suction machine becomes life-saving in cases where the patient is unable to clear the secretions, as he is not in his senses or during an ongoing surgery or medical procedure. These suction machines are an integral part of the treatment plan in cases where the patient pathway is partially or completely blocked. To summarize suction machines are a big help in the following

  1. Remove secretions and blood in cases where the patient is unable to do it.
  2. In cases where the airway is partially or completely obstructed
  3. Assisting a patient that is vomiting in a state of undergoing a seizure or when he is out of his senses.
  4. Removal of a foreign substance from the airway path (Pulmonary aspiration)

Suction machines are critical and cannot be ignored during the procedures in anesthesia, resuscitation, and intensive care.

Types of suction machines

Suction machines can be categorized below

Manual suction machine

As the name suggests, the suction in these machines is created manually and is not dependent on a power source like electricity or battery. They are handy in emergency situations as they do not need a power source and are small and easy to carry.

Stationary suction machines

Stationary suction machines are confined to the four walls of the hospital. They are reliable, effective, and consistent. Thus, making them the preferred choice for decades. The size of these machines becomes the limiting factor for these machines as they cannot be moved to any emergency site outside the place of their installation.

Portable suction machines

The portable suction machines have bought visible differences in critical patient care. The advancement in aspirator and battery technology has aided the design and use of suction machines. Portable suction machines are designed to be small, movable, and lightweight. Their portability makes them desirable and useful in an emergency as they can be quickly moved to the site and put to use. Portable suction machines are handy during travel or in cases where the patient is at homecare. They are equipped with powerful disposable or rechargeable batteries to generate the negative pressure to pull the secretion into the disposable canisters.


Portable suction machines are useful in prehospital, in hospital, and in ongoing patient care.  Medikabazaar offers a variety of portable suction machines at affordable prices. One can be assured of the price as the prices are competitive and transparent.

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