AMI ITALIA Saver One P Semi-Automatic AED with ECG Monitoring

AMI ITALIA Saver One P (Semi-Automatic AED with ECG Monitoring)

AMI ITALIA Saver One P (Semi-Automatic AED with ECG Monitoring)

Features : 

  • Supreme graphical user interface and new tools to have total control of the defibrillator
  • Biphasic escalating energy from 50 to 360J 
  • Slight yet solid with long-lasting battery options to ensure the best outdoor and mobile use
  • Functionality guaranteed by daily self-test
  • Wider connectivity with removable card, USB and IrDA Port optional with Print Configuration
  • Unique features combined with available configurations give rise to exclusive devices

Specifications : 

  • AED per default, reliable for any BLS rescuer, can be easily switched in a Manual Defibrillator giving to ALS responders the best decision-making control for a manual shock timing or an electric cardioversion (synchronised shock).
  • To meet ALS professionals, SAVER ONE P has been designed with all advanced key features to make fast and effective defibrillation everywhere and in any circumstance, even the hardest and has been equipped with a new widely manageable software program which gives users the total control of the device to suit their needs.
  • Practical and flexible with Advanced PBLS feature enabling healthcare providers to use the 15:2 CV ratio when performing a Pediatric Basic Life Support, as required by Guidelines if more than one rescuer with a duty to respond.

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