Alto Surge Implant Handpiece

Alto Surge Implant Handpiece

Alto Surge Implant Handpiece


  • Flexible: ALTO® Surge is designed for implantology and bone surgery, polishing of ridge, screwing of implants and drilling.
  • High torque levels due to the robust kinematic chain.
  • Pure lines and smooth surface are the guarantee of an easy cleaning ideally made with X-Cid® 2. Ideal weight combined with a perfect design confer an excellent and well balance ergonomics.
  • Removable stops: Two stops (short and long) are available. Easy to adjust for the pre-setting of the drill depth providing increased security when drilling in risk areas (sinuses, dental nerves).
  • ALTO Surge is a contra-angle for implantology and bone surgery including implant screwing, the drilling and polishing of ridge.

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