Latest medical devices being sold at Medikabazaar

Hospitals and medical healthcare providers should procure the latest medical devices in order to provide efficient medical treatments to all patients. Therefore, Medikabazaar constantly strives towards supplying premium and the latest medical products to hospitals for effective operation.

Some of the latest medical devices at Medikabaazar are as follows:

  • Vizipen electrosurgical hand-controlled pencil: This medical device is used to cut body tissues and control the bleeding via a high-frequency electrical current. This medical device can only be used once and is sterile in nature.
  • Dialife products: Two medical devices manufactured by the Swiss renal care products that are sold by Medikabazaar are:
    • Diadvance hemodialysis machine: The device helps patients receive quality dialysis and added treatments such as sequential dialysis, double-needle dialysis, and hemodiafiltration.
    • Dialife dialyzer: This medical equipment allows patients to get efficient and consistent dialysis procedures during their multiple dialysis sessions.
  • 3M products: The American global science company manufactures an extensive range of medical products which are available for sale on Medikabazaar’s online platform. Some of the medical products consist of surgical tapes, 3M Cold & Hot packs, lead-free autoclave tapes for steam sterilization, and chemical indicators.
  • ReMedi NOVA products:
    • Portable Bluetooth low energy electrocardiograph machine: This medical device allows patients to monitor the electrical activities of their heart while they are mobile.
    • Portable Bluetooth low energy spirometer: The device helps patients monitor the functioning of their lungs. Not only is it used in healthcare centers but it is also used for routine checks in the family.
  • 1 Mile Healthcare products: Medikabazaar established a business relationship with Rajasthan based medical device manufacturer 1Mile Healthcare. There are various medical products by 1Mile which can be purchased from Medikabazaar. Some of the devices include compact piston nebulizer, disposable face masks, crepe bandages, adult diapers, and 1Mile stethoscope.
  • Ostrich Mobility: Medikabazaar has a varied range of wheelchairs manufactured by an acclaimed mobility innovations company, Ostrich Mobility. Some of the models which hospitals and medical health care centers can purchase are Ostrich pristineflex, Ostrich galaxy AWA, Ostrich verve Rx, and Ostrich tetra.
  • Bioline: United Kingdom-based manufacturers offer a range of medical products which are available for sale on Medikabazaar. Some of these devices are as follows:
    • Bioline instrument washer, disinfector
    • Bioline glove tester
    • Bioline bowl sterilizer
    • Bioline donor chair
    • Bioline centrifuge bucket collector

The above mentioned medical devices have been added to Medikabazaar’s online catalog of supply procurement in the past two months. Apart from these, there are various other devices which are available for purchase by hospitals and newly established clinics.

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