Equinox Steam Vaporizer EQ-VP-01

Equinox Steam Vaporizer EQ-VP-01

Equinox Steam Vaporizer EQ-VP-01

Features :

  • Ideal for home and travel 
  • Quick relief from - common cold, throat irritaion and respiratory problems
  • Long cord with safety switch
  • Easy to operate
  • 19 (L) x 16.5 (W) x 18.5 cm
  • Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only(18 Months)


  • Equinox 2 in 1 Steam and facial Sauna vaporizer is a very easy-to-use product. 
  • It helps reduce congestion and is beneficial when fighting off a cold or dealing with allergies.
  • The plastic body is shock resistant and comes with a long cord. 
  • The vaporizer can be used for facial sauna as well which will help in cleaning or removing clogs out of the face.
  • This product can be used by children also, however, it is advised not to leave the child unattended as he/she undergoes steaming process.

To place an order, please call Medikabazaar at +91-7045-917-407 or emailinfo@medikabazaar.com

For Purchasing this product visit our store website https://www.medikabazaar.com

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