Benefits of setting up a dialysis center with Medikabazaar

The Dialysis market in India is expected to grow at a rate of 9% CAGR till 2025. It is expected to touch a revenue of 79 million USD. (Ref. This is due to the fact that India has a sizable base of patients in need of Dialysis. The Indian dialysis market is growing at a rate of 31% as compared to a 9% growth in the global market. An opportunity that is presenting for growth. To leverage this opportunity one can reach out to Medikabazaar. Medikabazaar is offering unmatched dialysis center setup solutions. They are on every step of the way. From arranging finance to procuring dialysis machines to consumables, they have everything you need to set up and run a world-class facility for dialysis. 

Why should I choose Medikabazaar for setting up a dialysis center? 

Opening up a dialysis center is capital-intensive, time-consuming, and challenging. To start with you should have enough space for setting it up. A dialysis station includes a chair and a dialysis machine and requires a space of about eight square meters. The number of stations planned decides the size of the facility. As space is needed for the movement of medical staff and patients. The equipment needed for setting up the dialysis center includes the following instruments  

  1. Dialysis chair 
  2. Chair for drawing out blood 
  3. Dialysis machine 
  4. Power backup for providing power support in case of any outage 
  5. Infusion pumps 
  6. IV poles 
  7. Wheelchairs 
  8. Freezers and refrigerators 
  9. Oxygen tanks 
  10. Defibrillators 
  11. Carts 
  12. Glucose monitoring device
  13. Autoclave (12*20) 
  14. Bed  
  15. Mattress  
  16. Trolley  
  17. Blood Tubing / Dialysis Tubing  
  18. Weighing Scale  
  19. Ambu Bag  
  20. Chair  
  21. On-off kit  

Besides the above one would need a constant supply of consumables that include 

  1. Dialysate, which is a solution that helps filter blood waste and add electrolytes  
  2. Blood thinners, that help prevent blood clotting 
  3. Syringe  
  4. AVF Needle  
  5. Gloves (100 pcs)  
  6. Stepty 
  7. Needle Cutter 
  8. Cotton b(500g)  
  9. Sanitizers 

With such an exhaustive list of products, one needs to ensure that the flow of material is regular and on time. It is imperative to have a source that can make the material flow when one needs it. Medikabazaar is the largest and fastest-growing platform working in the B2B space. The company started in 2013 and is having a national presence now. Some of the reasons that are compelling are as below  

  1. They have more than 13000 registered sellers and more than 700000+ SKUs on the platform. A marketplace that has a high number of sellers and buyers sees rationalization of prices
  2. Medikabazaar, being an online portal breaks the location barrier as the application is location agnostic. One can buy products online from wherever and whenever possible, be it dialysis machines or consumables on a regular basis
  3. With 30+ operational fulfillment centers, Medikabazaar has scaled its last-mile delivery options covering 20000+ pin codes. This transforms into on-time delivery of products and no loss of business due to a long wait

Setting up a dialysis center with 3 stations would cost anywhere between 28,00,000 to 35,00,000 depending upon the type of dialysis machine purchased and the source for securing the consumables. 

Medikabazaar is a single-window solution catering to all requirements for setting up and running a medical facility. Be it equipment or capital requirements, they are experts in sourcing it. They have 3 plans to choose from for the dialysis center with 3 dialysis stations. The cost of the setup, including the equipment, furniture, and consumables, is between approximately 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs.  

Visit the Medikabazaar platform to explore the setup for the dialysis center by clicking the link here. 

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