A Complete Guide to Ultrasound Machines and how do they Function

Ultrasound machines are machines that belong to the category of imagery equipment and are used frequently in the field of healthcare for humans and animals. The equipment utilizes the power of ultrasound waves. These waves travel through the body and are converted into ultrasound image that is capable of showing the condition and boundaries of fluids, organs and soft tissues. These ultrasound waves help the medical professional to diagnose the conditions of various organs in a non-invasive manner. 


Types of ultrasound machines

For the ease of understanding the ultrasound machines can be categorized as below

Veterinary ultrasound

The veterinary ultrasound machines are designed keeping the animals in mind. Some of the species of animals are smaller and thus have organs that are small and tiny in size. This situation will involve the results to be more accurate on the other hand while dealing with live-stock the machines have to consider the body weight and the relative size of the animal. Even the organs would differ in size and shape.



The console type is a machine on wheels. Here the machine can be moved from one place to the other and serves a variety of imaging requirements. These consoles are usually of the size 2’ by 2’ and are very handy to operate. Due to the ease of handling and utility in multiple situations these are one of the most common models that are seen across diagnostic and medical centers.

Vascular And Echocardiography

These ultrasound machines focus on the vascular health of the patients and is capable of capturing accurate and detailed images of the heart. These images include blood vessels and arteries. It helps in diagnosis of potential murmurs and the clotting in the arteries and veins. With the advent of increase in life style diseases the vascular and echocardiography is a must have for any medical facility.




As the name suggests the portable ultrasound are non-bulky and easy to move from one place to the other as per the need. They usually will consist of transducer, a probe, a computer/tablet/smartphone. One just needs a computer to receive scans and images. These are very handy in situations where there is a space constraint or have very high patient walk-ins. They are useful in situations where the scan is to be conducted at the bedside of the patient due to its portability.



How to choose an ultrasound machine?

There are various factors to be considered before finalizing the ultrasonic machine for your clinic

  1. The volume of patients coming for Ultrasound
  2. The number of tests to be run by the technician
  3. The age and type of needs of the patients walking for tests
  4. The type of imaging that you are required to check
  5. Are you checking for OB-GYN as it needs different ultrasound machines
  6. In veterinary what kind of animals come for tests. If you are in urban markets the animals coming to you will be domestic cats, dogs, birds etc. In rural markets, one has to deal with live stocks.

How does an ultrasound machine function?

The ultrasound has the following parts that make them functional

Transducer probe - is a probe responsible for sending and receiving sound waves.

Central processing unit (CPU) - is a computer unit responsible for doing the needed calculations and supplying power to itself and the transducer probe

Transducer pulse controls - Facilitates any changes in the amplitude, frequency, and duration of the pulses emitted from the transducer probe.

Display - displays the image from the ultrasound data converted by the CPU

Keyboard/cursor - are input devices used for entering the data regarding the image

Disk storage devices (hard, floppy, CD) - are storage devices used for storing the image data

Printer - prints the image from the displayed data

The transducer probe is the main part of the machine used for sending and receiving sound waves. This can be understood as the mouth and ears of the ultrasound machine. The probe works on the principle called the piezoelectric (pressure electricity) effect. The brain of the ultrasound machine is the CPU as it does all the calculations and orders the transducer probe to send the sound waves and receive electric pulses from returning echo. The CPU is capable of running the calculations and processing the data into the image that gets displaced on the monitor.


Ultrasonography machines have proven to be a boon for medical professionals. A timely screening and diagnosis help in avoiding further complications and result in error-free diagnosis and treatment. For choosing the ultrasound machine that caters to your needs click on the link and discover the right products at the right price.

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