Revolution of Wheelchairs in India and the different types of Wheelchairs

Wheel-chair has been providing mobility to people with special needs from the time they have been invented. Wheel-chairs improve the quality of life and facilitate their social life and improve their physical health. The recorded use of wheelchairs dates back to the 17th century. The US market started producing wheelchairs in the 19th century during Industrial revolution. In 1932 disabled American mining engineer Herbert A. Everest and American mechanical engineer Harry C. Jennings introduced the cross-frame wheelchair. The design still holds significance. The development in the design of the wheelchair design has been around decreasing weight and making them more reliable and smoother. There is a plethora of wheelchairs that are available in the market that suits different needs of people and their budget. To find the wheelchair price & various types, visit our website. Below are the types of wheelchairs:

1) Manual Wheelchairs

As the name suggests manual wheelchairs are driven manually forward and backwards by the user using hands. The chair has handles in the back for the attendant to push it when needed. These chairs are made up of lightweight material that makes it viable for user to move easily using hands.

2) Standing Wheelchairs

Standing wheelchairs are known for offering a lot of convenience to the user. The standing wheelchair allows the user to move from a sitting position to a standing position easily. The wheelchairs are powered by a battery and allow the user to shift to a standing position in order to reach items, interact with people and resume a standing position when needed. It also helps them preserve their health by improving blood circulation, preventing clots, and other complications that can occur from sitting for long periods.

3) Powered Wheelchair

These chairs are usually powered by a rechargeable battery pack and are colloquially referred to as power wheelchairs. They usually have a motor and have simple controls in them for the user to operate these chairs. Here the heavy lifting is done by the motor and the effort of the user in reduced in a major way.

4) Positioning Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs use rechargeable battery pack for its operations. In this chair the user can freely move the device into different positions as per their need. The user can recline, adjust leg positions, et cetera aiding better blood circulation and alleviation.

5) Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs are specially designed for children. The market offers a choice in both manual and battery-operated ones. These wheelchairs are designed to offer a comfortable accommodation for children. These wheelchairs make them more independent, and confident. One of the best parts about pediatric wheelchairs is that they come in fun, quirky styles that make children feel more comfortable using them.

6) Sports Wheelchairs

The advancement of wheelchairs and introduction of lighter and stronger material has proven to be a boon for athletes bound to the wheelchair. It has provided opportunity to people to be involved in sports. Sports wheelchairs are usually manual and are specially designed for the sport the user wants to play. There are separate wheelchairs for basketball, tennis, rugby, et cetera. They are carefully designed to provide the user with the best features and agility allowing them to be excel in sport.


7) All-Terrain Wheelchairs

All-terrain wheelchairs are a unique category of wheelchairs that can cover almost all kind of terrains. The advancement in assistive mobility has broken all barriers for people restricted to wheelchairs and allows them to travel literally everywhere. These chairs are made from material that are feather light but strong and have rugged suspensions and wheels.

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