Audioservice As Xs 12 G2 (Rc,Bt)

Audioservice As Xs 12 G2 (Rc,Bt)

  •  Micro Bte With Battery Size 312
  •  Programmable Push Button
  •  32 Signal Processing Channels / 16 Frequency Channels
  •  6 Hearing programs.
  •  Data Logging
  •  Wireless
  •  Anti-Feedback System G2
  •  Noise Manager Incl. Impulse Suppressor
  •  Adaptronic Multi-Microphone System
  •  Omni-Directional
  •  Directional Static
  •  Automatic
  •  Adaptive Frequency-Selective
  •  Panorama
  •  Speech 360


Audioservice As Xs 12 G2 Bte The High-End Hearing Systems With Tech Level 12 Technical Features Offer Comprehensive Solutions For Customized Hearing System Fitting. The Xs Model Is The Smallest Behind-The-Ear Hearing System From Audio Service.

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